Performing With Us


We are full for 2016. There are still opportunities to tell your story on stage but if you have a full show and you'd like to perform with us, we are already taking applications for next year. 

While we have undertaken a thorough search of true-life storytelling shows that are currently being performed around the UK, we are sure that there are some that have slipped through our radar. If you feel you have a show, workshop, experience, exhibition or anything else that fits our festival remit of 'truth', please do fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We're so happy you found us and even more delighted that you'd like to share your creation with us. Enjoy filling out the form and we're really looking forward to seeing what's in store.  


Please include a description of your show, YouTube links, reviews, upcoming performances and any other relevant information